Social media is our new world?


Social networks can hurt us if we don’t learn to control it

They’re a hobby. They’re used to make friends. Many fall in love in that virtual world. Others do business. They also serve as tools for work. Many form their networks because they have common interests. But also the mafias and criminals use them to commit misdeeds from there.

In social networks, there are always varied sensations, emotions, sadness and misunderstandings, can also lead us to receive severe punishment in the real world for their misuse. In many countries several digital platforms have been cancelled due to lack of information or the famous “fake news” that are fake news.

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Social networks, not only in our country have helped thousands of people organize around issues that concern an entire society, we could say that technology, that technology that we have looked at with some discontent, accentuating its negative characteristics that has generated in human beings, has achieved its real purpose which is to be at the service of man, generating a consciousness and social responsibility. Currently, social networks on the internet are seen as a form of organization and social communication with which you can defend very different ideas.

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