The league is in the final decision of the champion


As you know this is the last day of the league and the teams are all very even with FC Barcelona, that has a total of 76 points; Real Madrid, with a total of 81 points; and finally Atletico de Madrid, with a total of 83 point.

This Saturday, the 21st of May, Atletico de Madrid and Real Madrid will play the league tittle with their respective matches. If Atlético reap the victory no matter how much Real Madrid wins would end up champions of the 2020-2021 league. And obviously if Atletico lose and Real Madrid wins who would take the league would be Real Madrid.

Barça have not played in the league since the defeat at home to Celta de Vigo, who lost 1-2. The respective matches of Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid will be played at 18:00 on Saturday 22 of May.

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