Ali Echaref Baba: “I am very satisfied with the work achieved”3’

Today, 26th of May, we have interviewed an S4 student, Ali Echaref Baba, who has informed us a little about the new project that he has started. He has answered a few questions for us:

Of all the places where you have been doing the “practices”, which has been the one you liked the most?

In the “jove station” without a doubt because it is the place where I have been there the longest and where I have felt most comfortable.

What are your practices?

I am doing administration and management internships

Do you dedicate yourself only to the tasks that Sergi and Maritxell give you or do you also study?

Only the tasks that sergi and maritxell give me

Can you organize yourself well, studying and working at the same time?

Yes, because in class I miss hours of some classes and we have adapted them to my

Since when have you had this project in mind?

From the beginning of the fourth year of ESO, I was going to go to the sports cycle, but since I didn’t have it, I decided to go to administration

How did you realize that you wanted to study administration?

Well, I don’t know, the truth was that it was instantaneous, I was looking at the cycles that existed, looking at what there was to do and what I had left and what I felt most comfortable with was administration.

What do you like most about this job?

It is very easy to be with the computer… There is no exact thing for me to like, I like everything, to do new things, from what I have been learning I have learned more new things.

How did you react when you found out that they had prepared a project for you?

I was very excited, since it was a project that I had been looking for since the beginning of the course.

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