Itineraris of fedac salt

Itineraries the FEDAC Salt, they change again

This year the school FEDAC Salt, made our new itineraries, and they complement it and made more practice to learn our preference subjects.

The children of S4, have been informed about the new itineraries in the S3 class, the information they received form S3 surprised them because are very interesting since there is a different between those of last year than the teachers were the ones who chose the itineraries, but this year is otherwise, students choose what they want to do and what they like to do. 

The itineraries of next year they are: 

Physics and chemistry or entrepreneurial economy, Biology or french Technology or Latin, applied sciences or artistic expression. 

We think that our new itineraries are better than the old ones because, we think that we can learn more. Actually, is very flexible. In almost all electives we have a choice to be twin languages ​​and a science, this is so good because it makes that less difficult to choice our subjects.

The conclusion is better because boys and girls can choose the ones they like best, and the ones they want to learn best for the future.

We think that the itineraries are good because we can choose the ones we want from each block.

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