The big disaster of TheGrefg banner on Twitch

The famous Spanish YouTuber, it was banned in Twitch.

TheGrefg is famous in Spanish YouTuber and Steamer it was banned, because another appeared streamer which was also banned he was the Argentine Brundenger, he broke a Twitch rule following his effect of being banned.

Its banned is very short, as it was only 3 days, that is, on Friday we will live on Twitch again. But if you do it again, it could be several weeks or even months.

In our opinion, it has been a rather small problem because they banned him for a very few days. We hope he doesn’t do something illegal again because they can banter you for many days. This fact became very famous with many tweets and websites talking about Steamer.

This is his official tweet confirming this.

Redactors Juniors

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